Knowledge BaseHow to use Autopilot DashboardHow do I track a workflow request I've created?

How do I track a workflow request I've created?

Step 1: Accessing the Monitor Tab

Step 1: Accessing the Monitor Tab

When you assign a workflow to another user, that workflow will then appear on that user's Do tab. Autopilot allows users to keep track of the tasks in progress by using the Monitor tab (As shown above).

On your Dashboard, Click on 'Monitor'.

Step 2: Viewing Requests on the Monitor Tab

A list of all currently active tasks will appear on the Monitor tab. (N.B. You will only be able to view the workflow tasks that you are currently involved in, or which workflows you have access to)

The workflows are grouped according to Processes (All Processes) or Users(All Task). To view the workflow that you have created, click on the Process which you have created. Alternatively, Click on the User's name you have assigned the task to.

Step 3: Accessing the workflow

Once you click on the Process or the User's name, all tasks related to that process or user will appear on the screen, as shown above. Click on the 'Instance Details' OR 'Reference #' to open up the task.

To filter the tabs shown on the monitor tab see: How do I add or remove columns shown on the DO and Monitor tabs

Step 4: Tracking the workflow progress

Once you have accessed a specific workflow, Click on the 'Flow' tab to view the process flow. You will be able to see at which step the process is at currently, who is responsible to complete the task, who has completed their tasks and on what date and time it has been completed.