Knowledge BaseHow to use Autopilot Master Data ManagementHow do I add customers to my list of of customers?

How do I add customers to my list of of customers?

In order to add another customer in your list of customers, that is shown on your form, e.g. on a new support request customer picker, you will need to add those users in the List in the Master data.

To learn how to access Master Data see: How do I Access Master Data Management?

Customer List

  • Click on the "Customers" list
  • Click on +New Customer

Adding a single Customer

  • Fill in the details on the form for the new Customer
  • Customer number is a unique number specific to each customer
  • Customer Number and Customer are required fields in order to save a new Customer  

Once a single Customer is added, you can then add multiple Primary, Account and Technical contacts related to that customer.(As shown below)

Customer contacts

  • Click on Primary contact, Account contact or Technical contact to add contacts in each respective section.

For e.g. Your Customer can be Autopilot. The Primary contact can be ADAM SHAPIRO, Account contact can be LEANNE and Technical contact can be HANNES. All related to the customer Autopilot.

  • Click on Save once the contact is added

Adding a new related contact

  • Fill in the form (as shown above)
  • The contact name and contact email are require fields in order to save the contact
  • Click on Save to add the new contact

Adding multiple Customers

If you have a number of customers to add, you can use the Import functionality to import the list of customers by just a simple few clicks.

  • Click on Import

Importing data

Importing data

A dialog box will appear on screen.

  • Download the Excel file from Autopilot. (Find this file downloaded to your downloads folder on your file explorer)
  • Fill in the Excel file with the employee's details
  • On Autopilot, click on Upload, to upload the excel file you just filled in.
  • Click on Import customers to add the customers to the list.