Knowledge BaseHow to use Autopilot Master Data ManagementHow do I add suppliers to my list of suppliers?

How do I add suppliers to my list of suppliers?

In order to add another supplier in your list of suppliers, that is shown on your form, e.g. on a purchase order request supplier picker, you will need to add those users in the List in the Master data.

To learn how to access Master Data see: How do I Access Master Data Management?

Supplier List

  • Click on the "Suppliers" list
  • Click on +New Supplier

Adding a single Supplier

  • Fill in the details on the form for the new supplier
  • Supplier Number is a unique number specific to each supplier
  • Supplier Number and Supplier name are required fields in order to add a new supplier
  • Click on Save to add the new supplier to the list

Adding multiple Suppliers

Adding multiple Suppliers

If you have a number of suppliers to add, you can use the Import functionality to import the list of suppliers by just a simple few clicks.

  • Click on Import

Importing data

Importing data

A dialog box will appear on screen.

  • Download the Excel file from Autopilot. (Find this file downloaded to your downloads folder on your file explorer)
  • Fill in the Excel file with the suppliers details
  • On Autopilot, click on Upload, to upload the excel file you just filled in.
  • Click on Import Suppliers to add the suppliers to the list.