Knowledge BaseHow to use Autopilot Process SetupHow do I add a step to the workflow?

How do I add a step to the workflow?

In order to make a change to a process, you will need to access the Setup Lander.

To access the Setup Lander view: How do I access a process I want to Edit

Accessing the Process Flow

  1. Click on "+" to add a new step anywhere in the flow of the process

Adding a New Step

Adding a New Step
  1. Select they type of step you want to add (As shown in 1) A submission step is a step that will require users to enter information and SUBMIT the task to the next step. Also see: What is the difference between the “Approve or Reject” and “Approval only” step types? & What is a branched step?
  2. Add a step title
  3. Set the participant rights for that step
  4. Add a step description (Click on Fields, to reference any field values or instance values in the description)
  5. Click on Create to save the new step

Confirm you want to add this new step.

New Step Added

The new flow should now include the new step you have just added.