What is a branched step?

A branched step allows different users to complete separate tasks simultaneously. Workflow tasks will be assigned to the respective users for them to complete their task, before the process merges back as one task in the flow.

Below is the steps that will assist in creating a branched step.

In order to make a change to a process, you will need to access the Setup Lander. To access the Setup Lander view: How do I access a process I want to Edit

Access the Flow

  1. Click on "+" to add a new step anywhere in the flow of the process

Also see: How do I add a step to the workflow?

Adding a branch step type

Adding a branch step type
  1. Select 'Branch Step'
  2. Set a title for the branch container
  3. Enter the number of branch steps you require
  4. Enter each branch title in the place provided
  5. Click on Create to create the branch step

Confirm that you want to create the step.

New Branch Added

New Branch Added

When a new branch has been successfully added, On each new branch step added make the following changes, respectively:

  • Click on the Settings icon to set the step's settings such as the :
Step Title 
Step Description 
When the step should be required 
Select if the step should be an 'Approve & Reject step OR Approve only step OR Submit Step
If it is an approve step, set if users can approve this step via email