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How do I set up email notifications?

In order to make a change to a process, you will need to access the Setup Lander.

To access the Setup Lander view: How do I access a process I want to Edit


  1. Click on Actions Tab
  2. Click on Add new action

Adding New Email

  1. Name or Title for the email you want to create.
  2. Click on the textbox to choose from the list of Type of actions, when you would like to send out the email. You can chose from:
After Flow Started
After Flow Completed
After Flow Canceled 
After Flow task Created 
After Flow Task Completed
After Flow Task Canceled 
After Flow Task reassigned 
After Flow Task Requested Correction
After Flow Tasks Status Change 
After Data Monitoring 


3.      Click on Send Email under Action to Take

4.      Set if you would like show the Company Header in the email by selecting Yes or No


Setting up the Email

  1. Specify the Subject for your email
  2. Type in your message to be displayed in the email. (Click on Fields to add Information captured on the form, on the email)
  3. Select from a list, the recipient(s) you would like to send the email to. You can select:
Specific Participant - Select from the list of participants you have set up. Also see: How do I specify who a task should be assigned to?
All Current Active Participants - All participants that are currently involved in the process
All Participants with completed Tasks - All participants that have completed tasks in the process
Specific email address -  Enter an email address of a user that is not added in the system as a user. e.g. external a client you wish to notify when a support task is completed
Email Address from the form - select an email address that is captured in the form. 

Click on Add a row, to add more then one participant to the email.

  1. Click on Save to save the changes made to the email.