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How do I access a process I want to Edit

In order to edit a processes on Autopilot, you will need to have access to the 'Setup' Lander first. You will need to be added onto Autopilot as Company Administration or Process Builder in order to have access to the Setup Lander.

(N.B If you require Company Administration / Process Builder rights, please contact your Company’s administrator)

Step 1: Accessing Setup

Step 1: Accessing Setup

1. Click on Setup

2. Select Processes

Step 2: Select a Process to edit

Select a process you want to Edit

  1. Click on the process Title to open up the process
  2. (N.B. You can only edit a process's 'Settings, Form & Flow' that is currently in an Editing status (As shown in 2))

Process in Editing mode

Once you have clicked on a process that is currently in editing mode, You will have access to edit the following, in the process you have selected

  • Settings
  • Form
  • Flow
  • View the Form State
  • Actions
  • Reports
  • Security