How do I manage User groups?

You can access your User groups under the Permissions tab on the Setup Lander.

In order to access the Permissions, you will need to have access to the 'Setup' Lander first. You will need to be added onto Autopilot as Company Administration or Process Builder in order to have access to the Setup Lander.

(N.B If you require Company Administration / Process Builder rights, please contact your Company’s administrator)

N.B You do not have to be in Editing mode for Permission changes to take effect. Changes take effect immediately once you click Save.

Accessing User groups

  1. Click on the Permissions Tab
  2. Click on Manage user groups

Managing User groups

Under the User groups, you will have an overview of all the groups you currently have.

  1. Click on New group, to add a new user group

Adding a New User Group

To add a new user group:

  1. Add a group Name
  2. Add a Group Description
  3. Click on Save to add the new group

Removing a User group

To remove a user group:

  • Select the group you wish to remove
  • Click on Delete to remove the group

Thereafter, Confirm the deletion by entering a reason for removing the group and Click on Yes.

Managing Users in a User group

  • Click on the User Group you want to add a user too.
  • Click on The USERS tab to view / add user to the group
  • Add the name of the User you adding and click on Add user
  • Click on X to remove the user from the User group

Viewing Access of a User group