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How do I setup a tasks to be initiated from an Email

Autopilot allows you to initiate tasks from sending an email to autopilot. This will need to be setup on each process under Setup.

In order to make a change to a process, you will need to access the Setup Lander. To access the Setup Lander view: How do I access a process I want to Edit

Accessing Settings

Accessing Settings
  1. Click on Settings

Access start from email settings

  1. Click on Configure to start the setup process for creating tasks from email

Configure start from email

  • Start up from email - defines the email address a request should be sent to in order to create a task from the email.
  • Map how emails will be imported - maps the content of the email to fields on the form of a process
  • Set up who is allowed to start this workflow via email - define the email addresses of the users who can start the workflow from email.

Start from email setup

In order to set up tasks to be started from an email, select 'Yes, workflows can be started via email'

Autopilot provides a default email address for users to use, in order to send emails to create tasks from emails. Alternatively, you can create your own email address, specific to your company, that your users can email. (This is optional)

Map the email to a form

Based on the information from the form received from the recipient, you can map the information to fields on the form.

  1. Link the users email address to a field on the form
  2. Link the subject line of the message to a field on the form
  3. Link the messages body of the email to a field on the form
  4. If there are any attachments, link those attachments to a file upload type field on the form.

Set up who is allowed to start this worklfow via email

Set up who should be able to start tasks based on specific email addresses.

  1. Click on Add 'from' address.
      A dialog box will appear as shown above (Configure 'start process from email)
  2. Enter the specific email address to configure.
  3. Set the Initiator:
    *Set the initiator of the new task to the user sending the email
    *Select a default initiator from the list of users in the system. (Also see: How do I add users in the system )
  4. You can set the workflow to be in step 1 when the email is sent or set it to step 2.
    *Save the workflow in draft mode with leave the workflow editable in step 1 of the process
    *Aternatively, when the email is sent, set up the task so that it is in step 2 after submitting.

Set default values

       Based on the type of process you working with, you can set the default participants for that workflow by:

  1. Click on "Add default participants"
  2. Choose the participant you want to default
  3. Set the value to the users name of whom you want to set the participant to. for e.g. Participant - Line Manager = Set value to - Adam Shapiro

    Default form field values for this process by:
  4. Clicking on "Add a default field value"
  5. Select a field on the form you want to default
  6. Set the default value of that field for e.g. form field - Will the employee require keys to the office? = Set value to - Yes
  7. Click on Done once you have complete

    N.B you can default as many values as you like, provided that the form fields & form participants cater for it

    Click on Save once you have completed the setup.