How do I log into Autopilot From Outlook

Accessing Autopilot on Outlook

  1. Click on the HOME tab on your Outlook Ribbon
  2. On the extreme right, you will Find the Autopilot Add-In Section

N.B - You will  NOT find this option when creating a New Email .



Click on Initiate/Actions/Search

  1. The  Initiate tab has 2 options:
1. A Workflow Request - will allow you to initiate a process on Autopilot
2. A Quick Task - will allow you to initiate a Quick Task on Autopilot

2.    The Actions tab has 2 options:

* Attach file(s) - Will allow you to search for a workflow in which you want to attach an email to or any contents of the email to.  
* Add a comment - Will allow you to search for a workflow that you want to add a comment to. 

3.   The Search tab will allow you to search for Requests that are assigned to you OR requests that you have created but is currently assigned to someone  else.

4.   The Account Tab will allow you to manage your Autopilot Account

Signing into Autopilot

Signing into Autopilot

First time using Autopilot on Outlook?

If you click on any of the tabs (As shown in the step above) and you're not signed into Autopilot, you will have to complete the 'Sign In' process to continue to Autopilot. See: How do I sign up for Autopilot?

  • Simply fill in your User name and Password, then Click on Sign in to sign into your Autopilot account via Outlook.