Knowledge BaseHow to use Autopilot Process SetupHow do I add a new approval step to the document approval workflow?

How do I add a new approval step to the document approval workflow?

Step 1: Modify the Document Approval Process

In order to make changes to a workflow, you will be required to Modify the process Before making any changes.

  1. Click on Document Approval Request
  2. Click on MODIFY THIS PROCESS on the right side bar.
  3. Click on 'Start modifying the process now' which is displayed on the dialog box (as shown above)

Step 2: Add a new participant

  1. In the Document Approval Process, Click on the Participants tab, to view the list of participants available.
  2. Click on 'ADD A NEW PARTICIPANT' to start adding the title of the new participant. (This is optional. If the Participant already exists, this step is not required. If you need to add the new Participant, Continue to 3.)
  3. Enter the Display name for the New Participant.

N.B Please take note of the Participant's fieldkey value displayed, as you will need to reference this fieldkey in the flow step's validation in step 3.3 below.

Step 2.1: Participant Validation Rules (optional)

Step 2.1: Participant Validation Rules (optional)

Set validation rules on the participant.

  1. Is required - Set when the participant field should be required, i.e. a user name must be captured for this participant.
  2. Is enables - Set when the participant field should be enabled, i.e. a user can enter a name in this field.
  3. Is visible - Set when the participant field should be visible to the users, i.e. a user can see his participant on the form.

Step 3: Add the new Approval Step

  1. Click on Flow
  2. Click on The '+' icon in between the step that you want to add the new step to.

Step 3.1: Add the new step title details

Step 3.1: Add the new step title details
  1. Select the step type as 'Approve or Reject Step'
  2. Enter the Step Title
  3. Enter the task description
  4. Click on Create once complete

Click on OK to confirm the new step addition on the confirmation dialog box.

Step 3.2: Flow Step Validation

It is important that we set the step to only be required if a user enters a participant for the Level 4 approval. To do this, we would required to Custom validate when the step will be required.

  1. Click on the Settings icon
  2. Click on custom and click on Edit Rule to enter the custom validation.

Step 3.3: Validation Syntax

In the custom rule builder, set the custom validation to enable this step to be required, only when a user enters a name for the participant. Which means, this step will only become required for approval when a users name is entered in the participant field in step 1.

  1. Select No, when asked to use the custom rule builder
  2. Enter in the custom rule syntax in the space provided.

The Validation rule will read : $participantfieldkey$ <> ''

Copy and paste the above syntax in the space provided. Replace participantfieldkey with the actual participant field key as shown above in Step 2.1

Step 4: Map a Participant to the new Step

  1. Click on the participant icon on the step that was just created to map a participant to the new step
  2. Select YES on the participant that needs to be mapped to this step.
  3. Click on Save once complete.

Step 5: Guidance (optional)

Add guidance to the step to assist users in completing the step as required. To do so:  

  1. Click on the 'Info' icon on the new step
  2. Click on Edit

Add any guidance of your preference in the dialog box that appears and click on Save.

Step 6: Add an Approval email

Step 6: Add an Approval email
  1. Click on the Actions tab
  2. Click in Add a new action

From the dialog box that appears, select the 'Send an email' option and click on Create.

Step 6.1: Setting up an email

  1. Enter a title for this email
  2. Select the type of action to be 'After flow task created'
  3. Select the step the email should go out on
  4. Enter a subject for your email message
  5. Enter in the actual email message. (N.B you can reference fields by clicking on the fields button on the right)
  6. Select the attachments that should be attached to this email
  7. Select which participant should receive this email
  8. Click on Save to save this email.

Step 7: Test and Publish

Step 7: Test and Publish
  1. Click on Test this process to test the changes that you have made.
  2. Click on Publish to live once you are happy with the changes and ready to go live with the process.