Do I need Autopilot?

Our days are made up of tasks. Simple tasks. Complicated tasks. Business critical tasks.

More often than not, these tasks are part of a much larger process. These processes involve employees, suppliers and most importantly, customers. And all too often, these tasks are simply not completed in an efficient way, affecting everyone in the chain. Tasks are assigned and tracked with haphazard, inconsistent methods, with every manager or employee using his own approach to get things done.  Some approaches work, some don’t.

So ask yourself this:

  • Do you need a system that allows you to set up processes to move electronic forms from one employee to the next without you having to intervene?
  • Do you need a way to track the current status of requests - who is it currently with, how did it get there, what has been said, does anything need to be done to keep it moving?
  • Do you need to keep stakeholders up to date with the progress of requests as they proceed through the different stages?
  • Do you need a way to report on completed requests so you can learn from it, and adjust your processes where necessary?
  • Do you need a central location where everyone in your business can see a list of tasks that he or she is supposed to be focusing on right now?
  • Do you need a way to automatically schedule tasks for employees, instead of having to remind them yourself?
  • Do you need a way to provide task guidance at the point where the task is instructed to ensure tasks are completed in a consistent manner?

If you’ve answered YES to most of the questions above, then you need Autopilot.