Where should I start?

Once you have decided that your business or team needs a workflow system like Autopilot, the question becomes how to use Autopilot to manage your business or team better.  

Autopilot’s strength lies in its flexibility.  Not all businesses operate the same and we get that. But therein lies the challenge - how do you use or adapt Autopilot to suit your specific needs, to ensure it makes a lasting impact on your businesses.

Below we've compiled a list of STARTING POINTS to guide you in the right direction.


Activate the employee self-service templates

Activating these templates (Leave, Expense claims and Travel requests) takes no more effort than uploading your company’s team/employee list and specifying your current administrator’s details, but the benefit is immediate.  

All your employees will immediately be introduced to your mission of automating processes, and they will begin to feel the benefit themselves.  

To top it off, our fair pricing policy ensures that you only start paying when your employees really start using Autopilot to a greater extent.


Assign quick tasks instead of sending emails

While Autopilot’s real power is enabling businesses to operate more effectively by truly automating their business processes, Quick-tasks provide an easier, more familiar, way to immediately get things going in Autopilot.  They allow you to replace sending emails to get things done with traceable tasks.

We often recommend using Quick-tasks to simulate processes before delving into actually building a custom workflow.


Replace a spreadsheet you’re using to track requests with a custom workflow

If you’re constantly updating a spreadsheet to keep track of a list of requests and task activity, you could probably get big improvements in efficiency and effectiveness by implementing a custom workflow to manage all the items you're tracking.

The columns in the spreadsheet are usually a good indicator of what you require on your workflow form, as well as which steps the workflow should consist of.

If you’re unsure about where to start please contact our customer support by emailing support@autopilot.co.za to help you proceed and get the most value out of Autopilot.