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Why should I use Autopilot instead of printed forms?

Using Autopilot to make your forms flow have quite a few benefits:

You will save on paper and printing costs

Given the costs associated with printing you will save quite a bit by converting to electronic versions of your forms.  

Printed forms move slowly (or not at all)

Moving a physical piece of paper from one person to the next takes time, and time is money as well all know.  

Printed forms are difficult to track

It is impossible to know what has happened with a piece of paper once it has left your hands. Or at least, not without asking around to try and figure out who is handling the request currently.

Printed forms go missing

Pieces of paper have a bad habit of going missing and missing forms often means lost money.  Whether it is a leave form that is not captured in payroll, or a customer order that is not handled on time they all affect your business negatively.